The feet that inspire me

The feet that inspire me
My little angel and my little mischief

Monday, 14 November 2016

The Earthquake

Now been 24 hours since the big earthquake. Our thoughts are with everyone affected.

A new poem about the events

The Earthquake 

The earth begins to rumble
The walls shake and chimneys tumble
We duck cover and hold
Hoping nature will soon stop being so bold 
Our lives are smashed on the floor
Plates, glasses, the clock hanging above the door
We look for each other checking are you okay
As our thoughts spread to others we pray
We walk out and go into the night
Trying not to let each other go with all our might

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday Swimming Fun

I am taking my little monkey swimming today.  She is 4 months this coming week and we have been going weekly since she was born.

We went on Friday but the visit had to be cut short.  She pooed in the pool! Luckily I felt the explosion and I mean it was an explosion and before it could leak out my friend held her over the side of the pool.  I jumped out. I am not normally very agile and I moved with the speed of Usain Bolt but without the elegance.  Hoping today she does not repeat this behaviour.

She loves the pool.  Our local pool has a Hydrotherapy pool at 32 degrees.  It is wonderful and warm.  Perfect for her and she can be in there for ages before she gets tired or hungry. 

Sadly the other day when we went some school children were very loud and having fun.  Some girls decided to start screaming so she is now a little scared of the changing rooms and we get crying.  All I can do is keep taking her and try and reassure her as much as possible.

I consider one of those things that are vital for each child to learn.  I am determined my children will learn to read, write, swim, ride a bike and their pleases and thank yous.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Ps. the dog is mine but he is a boy!

Dear Tiredness

Dear Tiredness

You seep into my bones

You creep and worm your way in

With sleep you only want more

You demand it

You ask my eyelids to become heavy

You make my feet hot and itchy

My body has become uncomfortable

I must give into you now

You overwhelm me

Friday, 4 November 2016

Happy Saturday

I've been reminded recently that family and friends are important. I've always known this but occasionally you appreciate them a little more.

Mental and physical health are so important. How can we care for little ones without showing we care for ourselves. Sometimes that will be simply by asking for help. 

I am lucky enough to have a husband that helps when he can. His working day is very long but if I really need him he will be there. 

Consider yourself lucky if you have someone who loves you - two or four legged! 

Happy Saturday everyone- seize the day.

I will be seizing it by doing my washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking, feeding and mostly procrastinating!